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Welcome to Trakošćan and Bednja municipality!

Trakošćan is, due to its attractive appearance, one of the most famous tourist destinations in continental Croatia. A castle, a lake and surrounding area make irresistable combination which attracts visitors from all around the world like a magnet.

The purpose of these web pages is to provide information on what you can find and see in Trakošćan. Where can you eat, spend a night, what can Trakošćan and it´s surrounding area offer.
Unfortunately, most people who visit the castle are unaware that Trakošćan is a part of Bednja municipality. This municipality covers an area of 10 kilometers surrounding the castle and in past it was controlled by the owners of the Trakošćan castle.

The owners of the castle were practically the owners of the surrounding area where their subjects lived. As it was a poor area their subjects (or serfs) were forced to live on surrounding hills because the fertile land in the valleys belonged to nobility. The nobility was very influential in all the aspects of the life- they built churches, public buildings and they even had a patronage over the Bednja Parish. They could dismiss a priest if they didn´t like it. Their serfs lived in small modest hamlets which you can visit today.

The whole area was isolated for centuries because of its geographical position. The area is bordered with mountains- Maceljska gora, Strahinjčica, Ivančica, Ravna gora. The 20th century could not reach into the isolated hamlets and villages and, as it usually happens, the isolation left behind a good and a bad legacy. The bad one is that the area is still very poor and the good one is heritage- the bednja dialect, music and traditional architecture-  that was preserved due to the isolation.

Do you remember the film ˝Titanic˝? Somewhere in the middle of the film a young couple (the main characters) went on a fancy dinner party at the highest deck where everything was posh ans stiff. After the dinner the couple decides to go five decks down, among the common people. There was no elegance there but the atmosphere and people were cheerful and warm. Such atmosphere could be found in Trakošćan and Bednja municipality. After the luxury and elegance of the castle you can experience the hospitality of the hamlets and rural homesteads and enjoy the traditional music. Where and how? Search the web pages.

We wish You a pleasant stay in Trakošćan and Bednja municipality and we hope You will trully feel the meaning of a destination´s motto: Experience Zagorje region!

Announcement: Feast of the Assumption in Bednja - "Valjiko mešo" ne Bednje

Valjiko mešo ne Bednje has been celebrated for centuries. It is the largest parish fair in Bednja which gathers believers from Bednja, Lepoglava, Jesenje and Kamenica. Valjiko mešo is considered to be the parish fair where new romances were born and gingerbread hearts were given to sweethearts. It is a feast where you meet relatives and get together with your family. Special attention was always paid to guests and people who were born in Bednja but had to leave it many years ago for economic reasons. They would always come back on August 15.

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